Basement Level, 210 Clarence Street, Sydney | 0455 88 88 07

Who We Are

Serotonin Strength + Fitness is located in Sydney CBD. We are a purpose built premium Strength & Conditioning facility specialising in small group exercise for every day people via a unique exercise program which targets upper and lower body strength as well as anaerobic and aerobic conditioning. We also work with professional sporting teams and elite athletes who are looking to improve their performance through personalised programming and coaching.

Simply put, we take the ‘thinking’ out of your training and ensure that you train under a proven program which will provide meaningful results. Our small group experience is unique and coached by professionals who will ensure you are in a safe training environment being taught how to move and perform efficiently to maximise your results.

Training Session Timetables

– Thursday
5.45am (1 hour)
6.45am (1 hour)
12.15pm (1 hour)
5.30pm (1 hour)
6.30pm (Skill Development Session)
Friday 5.45am (1 hour)
6.45am (1 hour)
7.45am (Skill Development Session)
12.15pm (1 hour)
5.30pm (1 hour)
Saturday 8am
9am (Skill Development Session)

Bookings essential prior to arrival –
please email or call for further information